A Kidney For Paula

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I am writing this letter with great difficulty.  I tend to be a private person.  So, this isn’t easy for me.


I need a kidney transplant.  Last week, my doctors told me that I have kidney failure.  My future is uncertain without a transplant.  I just received a letter stating that I am now on the waiting list.


The wait for a kidney is more than 5 years.  In the meantime, there is dialysis.  While this will keep me alive a bit longer, it is extremely taxing on the body.  Dialysis does not do all that a healthy kidney can do.  Dialysis is an imperfect treatment that replaces only some of a kidney’s function.


I am asking for help.  I am asking for a living donation.  We are born with two kidneys, yet we only need one to lead a healthy, normal life.  A kidney transplanted from a living donor offers a number of benefits to the recipient—greater success rates and nearly double the years of function.


My blood type is O and that is the only type I am compatible with.  I hope that you might consider this donation.  I know this is a very difficult decision for someone to consider.  It is equally difficult for me to ask for it.


Please share and post this.  I am in need of help from all of you.


Thank you,



A Message From Paula's Husband


Dear Friends & Family,


My wife, Paula, needs a kidney transplant to live.  Both of her kidneys have failed.  Paula is the love of my life and the mother of our daughter, Amanda, and our son, Jonathan.


Paula urgently needs a kidney donation from a person with Blood Type O.


As Paula’s husband, and a Registered Nurse/Educator, I know that she must receive a transplant.  I immediately offered one of my kidneys, but I have a different blood type.  The best outcome would be a donation from a living donor with Blood Type O.


Be sure to check back with our website for future updates.  We welcome your questions and suggestions.


Please share this request with your friends & family and on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Your efforts will make a difference.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Dean, RN


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A Kidney For Paula

A Kidney For Paula